Jodi Bubenzer, Childbirth Educator and Doula 

Embracing Birth Services

My central goal for my birthwork, both in our classes and in doula work is that moms/couples come through the birth understanding what happened and why, and embrace the experience as it was, whatever it was; each and every birth unique, challenging, and powerful.   

As you may know, a number of studies have shown that having a doula on hand can lead to reductions in medical intervention, reductions in pain medication use, increase in bonds created between mom, dad/partner, and baby, and increases in overall satisfaction of the experience (I’m happy to share the research if anyone is interested in details of the studies). As with any aspects of birth, what is true for most is not necessarily true for all, but those studies and my experiences have demonstrated to me that doulas can have a wonderful and positive effect on a couple’s satisfaction with their birth experience.

Doula work is all about love and respect for moms and partners, attention to the here and now, and hope for the future. I try to guide families through love, compassion, care, and nurturing to help them sustain their ability and capacity to do the same for the baby and themselves. The circle keeps giving, over and over and on and on, and our work carries on through time.

What does this include?
Working together means: 1-2 prenatal visits (depending on your needs and questions), 24/7 on call 38 weeks through the birth, attendance through your entire labor and for 2-3 hours postpartum, and a postpartum visit in the early days following the birth, according to your needs and schedule.

What does this cost?
My fee is $990. If you are taking an Embracing Birth Class, I offer a 10% discount on my doula fee. A payment plan can be arranged.

 What do I do after the baby arrives?
I also offer Postpartum Doula Services
Postpartum Doula services: $20/$25 (day/night) per hour