Embracing Birth classes

Frequently Asked Questions

What are we going to cover in all those weeks together???

The list is long!  There's a lot to talk about revolving around birth.  Here is a list of most of the topics we cover in 5 weeks.

Stages of Labor
Terminology you’ll suddenly need to know!
Birth and Culture and impacts
A talk about pain:  Fear-Tension-Pain cycle, Gate Control Theory
Mindfulness in Birth – Breath Awareness, Body Scan, Loving Kindness
Special time with Baby
Laboring without Medication
Medication options for labor
Asking questions and getting answers
Pain-coping practices:  relaxation, touch, massage, breathing, meditation, movement, and more
Positions for labor and birth
Help for back labor
What is partner’s role?
Communicating with the staff
Unexpected Surprises
Birth Plans
Cesarean Births
Labor stations
Early Postpartum
Early Breastfeeding
Role Changes after baby
And More!!

Who should I bring with me?  Can I come alone?

You can come alone or you can bring along a husband, partner, mother, trusted friend, doula.  It's best if the people who will be attending you during your labor can come to class with you and learn what you are learning.  Who that is is up to you!

What do I bring to class?  

Bring a water bottle, some way to take notes (if you want to), and 2 pillows for when we get out of our chairs and practice.  This is a very casual environment!  Eating, drinking, and making yourself comfortable is completely appropriate!

Is it worth $150 and 5 weeks of time?

Well, of course, I think so!  Taking a birth class gives you many opportunities to connect with each other, with your baby and with other couples who are in the same boat!  The transition into parenthood is BIG!  It's challenging, sometimes scary and overwhelming and life altering.  Having a guide to answer questions, calm fears, soothe nerves and have a lot of fun doing it is a great resource.  I bet after the first night your concerns about is this worth it will dissolve.

How do I register??

I still have other questions.  How can I reach you?

You can call/text me at 608-444-8812 or email at embracingbirth1@gmail.com